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  UPN to Schedule Programs in CP (Colored People's) Time
UPN has announced that, beginning this fall, it will schedule its programs on CP (Colored People's) time. UPN spokesperson Kim Glover said that the move was aimed at making it easier for the target African-American audience to view the network's shows. "We at UPN are sensitive to the cultural differences of our core audience, and we are dedicated to airing programming that reflect their lifestyles and airing those shows at times conducive to viewership," Glover said.

CP time is generally regarded as anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes late. For example, a person with a 5:00 appointment would generally arrive at about 5:15.

The network has scheduled hit show "The Parkers" to begin at "about 8:10, maybe 8:15," and the new show "Eve" to begin at "9:30 some time." Following that is the popular show "Girlfriends," and the 10:00pm news, which will air at about 10:45.

Reaction to the announcement has been mixed. Some viewers don't understand the new schedule. Lisa Watanabe of Venice, California is just plain confused. "I'm Asian, and always on time. I don't understand this new schedule. It says that 'One on One' will air at eightish. What time is eightish?"

Calls to leaders in the African-American community were not returned until after press time. Popular singer and activist Harry Belafonte did send an email to DeadBrain stating, "The African-American community has a long tradition of tardiness, and it's about time that the networks adjusted their schedules."

It is unclear whether or not the other networks are planning to schedule any of their shows based on CP time. Fox spokesman Andrew Smythe said, "Anything is possible. This is Fox, you know. Now, let me tell you about our latest reality show, 'Murder-Suicide Island'..."

UPN's Glover went on to say, "UPN has, since its inception, been committed to bringing quality programming to the American viewer. Some day, we will, and it'll start at about 8:10 pm Eastern and Pacific, 7:10 Central."

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