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Blogger Finds Cruel Blog About His Blogs

Pete Misher had logged onto, where he has been posting blogs since Christmas 2003, and was reading other peoples blogs, when he happened upon the hateful blog.

"Does anybody out there find pete_speak's blogs completely useless and boring?" the headline on the blog read. When skimming further Pete found himself ridiculed as "thinking of the worst topics ever," and then the author went on to cruelly taunt him by saying "I swear I've actually fallen asleep reading them!"

"I've done maybe 6 or 7 blogs since I first signed up," said the 54-year-old blogger. "I find it a good way to get my ideas and thoughts out there.

"My first blog was about a turducken that my wife made for Christmas dinner earlier that day," he further stated. "You see, my wife saw them on the Today Show, boy she loves that Katie Couric, and then she read about them in the paper, so we contacted a good friend of ours in NY and they sent us one. Boy, we didn't know what to make of it when we got it…" Zzzzzzzzz.

When our reporter finally woke up, Mr. Misher was still going on about his blogs, but this one about his collection of Coca Cola Tiffany lamps that he is going to get appraised. "Well I just think they are probably worth something because I saw on the Antiques Roadshow…" Zzzzzzzzz.

When Mr. Misher finally started running out of steam, we questioned him about the blog about his blogs. "That mr_xzy is probably a little dissatisfied with his blogs to be criticizing others. If he's so interesting then why doesn't he have more blogs up there?" When asked about retaliation he replied, "Well, I might write something, but I won't mention him by name. I won't give mr_xzy the satisfaction of knowing he got to me."

As of press time there were currently three other bloggers who had blogged in response to mr_xzy's blog.

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