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  War on America

An Ode to the Fog Of Rummy: McNamara Lite

I miss Donald Rumsfeld already.

It's only been a month or so, November 8th to be exact, that he was, uh, redeployed by the President - the Decider Himself.

Apparently in the 'fog of elections' the Decider decided-he would follow another Texas president and put his defense secretary out to pasture. All while in a remote foreign war that wasn't going well.

But enough for historical parallels. I miss Rummy because I - we the American people - will be deprived of his one-of-a-kind press conferences filled with Midwestern style barbequed aphorisms. Everyone of them a KC Masterpiece to speak.

Who can forget, when asked when troop vehicles would be up-armored, that famous reply, "You go to war with the army you have not the one you would like to have." Brilliant!

But I really liked Rummy because he, like his predecessor Robert McNamara, would never answer the question he was asked, but instead the one he would like to have been asked.

Only Rummy was a genius, because he learned to not only answer the question he would have liked to have been asked, but pose the follow-up question he would have liked to have been asked, and then answered that question.

Rummy was a one man perpetual news conference. Just wind him up and watch him goooo. It was mesmerizing.

Snippets like the following made me think I was listening to Yogi Berra...well almost.

"'Could we have done better?' You betcha. 'Should we have known more?' Golly gee who could deny that. 'Have we learned since we started?' Heck, of course we have. 'Should we have proceeded had we known what we know now but didn't know then but should have known?' Well…'You go to war with the army...'"

God I miss Rummy!

The President will no doubt present Rummy with a major scout badge of some sort and praise him for his service. But Rummy. please, please, do not get all choked up like your predecessor. It just wouldn't seem right.

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